Originally from Georgia, Dennis has worked in Hawaii for the past 30 years creating works that have been an inspiration to his viewers and collectors alike. "My inspiration is rooted in my attraction to natural shapes in nature, love of  the human form, striving to create movement, feelings and the desire to touch."   "Wood is a great material to work, using the grains, natural shapes and following  the direction with an open mind that each piece wants to take you. This unplanned process is very creative, with results unexpected and truly one of a kind."


         Dennis has a distinguished list of collectors worldwide, from private, celebrity, and corporate. A recently completed piece at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri stands majestically in the atrium of the Biomedical Engineering's new building "Whitaker Hall". Commissioned by the head of the department after visiting  the gallery and seeing the movement and energy of Dennis' work, "Double Helix" measuring eleven feet in height was finished after a year of work.
Dennis at work